Rick Tuthill is an artist who works primarily in watercolors but also acrylics, colored pencil, scratchboard and charcoal as well as other media. Rick's favorite medium is watercolor and his style could be described as realistic. His subject matter includes landscapes, florals, still life and the occasional abstract. Many of his landscapes are of England, inspired by his travels there with his wife Rita who was born and raised there. The goal in many of the landscapes he paints, is to try to convey a feeling of distance and place.

Rick was born in Seattle, Washington and after spending time in the navy, he used his G.I bill to go to the Burnley School Of Art in Seattle, graduating in 1980. Rick worked as a senior designer at Funko, a popular collectible Toy company in Everett, Wa. Unfortunately my job was a casualty of COVID 19. As sad as my job at Funko ending was, I wish them nothing but success and good luck in the future.

Over the years, Rick occasionally painted in acrylics and did drawings in pen and ink and scratchboard in his spare time. He didn't attempt his first watercolor until 1993 when he bought his first set of watercolors, a small travel set of Winsor-Newton half pans just to try them out.  He then painted a few small floral pieces with them. After that, life got in the way and he put his paints away and didn't touch them again for another ten years until he finally brought them out of the closet, dusted them off and started painting again and hasn't stopped since. 

Rick Tuthill lives with his wife Rita in Everett, Washington and paints  every chance he gets.